VIB A Hassle-Free Solution

How does it work?

Utilizing airlines reservation systems, for the first time in Iran passenger’s boarding pass and baggage tags are produced at any remote location away from the airport. The accepted bags are wrapped, sealed and placed inside VIB’s exclusive suitcase cover, before being transported to airport. This will free up the VIB customer from the hassle of carrying bulky bags and getting stuck in crowded check-in lines.
Alternatively, our customers can come in person to our operation center at Rosha Shopping Center 24 hours a day, deliver their bags and receive their boarding pass.
This facility is designed as small airport terminal with all the standard facilities that one might see at the airport, including but not limited to four check-in counters, wrapping equipment, automatic conveyor system and X-Ray.
In addition to basic check-in and airport delivery, VIB’s premium services can include Fast Track access for police and immigration checkpoints, plus relaxing at airport’s business lounge. Passengers may avail themselves to premium services by prior request.
Our customers may refer to VIB operation center 24 hours a day between 24 to 3 hours for domestic flights and 24 to 6 hours for international flights. They may also conveniently pay their exit tax or purchase travel insurance.
Keeping in mind the worrying risk of corona virus in crowded areas like baggage delivery belts and customs areas, our customers may also book VIB baggage pickup and home delivery from our website or mobile app.

For the first time in Iran, passengers can use VIB services to conveniently check-in, receive their boarding pass and hand over their luggage, hours before their schedule time of departure from their residence, place of work, or VIB’s operation hub. Passengers will proceed to airport, only to board their flight with minimum idle time at the security check points.
VIB agents enter passenger’s checked-in details in real time in airline’s departure systems, produce their boarding pass and baggage tags, before sealing and wrapping their luggage for transport to airport. As per Ministry of Health guidelines, all accepted bags are sterilized before being shipped to airport.
In addition to standard services, VIB will provide exclusive access to fast track for police and security gates upon request.


Our guests can come directly to VIB facilities which are open 24 hours with their luggage 06-24 hours ahead of their international flight.

The facilities are designed to simulate a small airport terminal environment, equipped with standard check-in counter computers and printers, baggage scales, and conveyor belts.

Our dedicated check-in counters can process up to 120 passengers per hour.

Our team at the service desk can also assist our guests with hotel booking or land transport in their destination if they should need so.

Upon arrival, our guests are met and our team members will take their baggage and travel documents and park their car for the duration of their trip if they wish to do so.
Guest’s bags will be screened and securely wrapped using our modern equipment
Check-in formalities are done and their boarding passes and baggage receipts are delivered to them.
This is while guests can rest in our lounge and avail themselves to our complimentary refreshments.
It is also possible to conveniently pay for exit tax or buy travel insurance on the spot.
Our in-house travel shop offers a wide variety of travel accessories such as high-quality suitcases, backpacks, comfort items and travel brochures which will make anyone’s travel more enjoyable and hassle-free and fits every budget.