Very Important Baggage
Book a request from VIB mobile app or website
Acceptance of baggage and issuing boarding pass and baggage tags from door step or VIB Center
Secure transfer of baggage to the airport
X-Ray inspection at VIB Center and airport by police
Delivery of the checked baggage to the airline
Fast track facilities at police and immigration gates
Early check-in from home or VIB Center
Receipt of boarding pass and baggage tags outside the crowded airport
Exclusive packing and secure transport to airport
Arrival to the airport without bags and direct boarding
Quick passage through exclusive VIB gates

The challenge to put into effect new social distancing protocols to mitigate the spread of the Corona virus has prompted international aviation governing bodies, including ICAO, IATA, and ACI to recommend airport operators and airlines to follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) for observing the necessary guidelines to avoid crowded airport terminals by promoting off-airport check-in more than before.
Like many major cities, traffic and pollution cause stress on passengers to reach the airport and go through several checkpoints that are often crowded and difficult for the authorities to manage proper social distancing due to space, manpower, and time limitations.
Having said that, presenting a practical scheme to reduce the number of people at any given time inside a terminal building will help airport authorities provide a safer travel experience for passengers.
The challenge motivated Parvaz Shargh Pasargad to develop a new service platform, VIB (Very Important Baggage) to help with passenger convenience and social distancing at the airport.